Virtual Doula Support

With your private doula available at the touch of a button, you will be prepared for a confident, positive birth experience. Here are some of the ways I can support you on your journey.

Provide education and resources to you and your family on prenatal testing, birth plan development, informed consent, and how to navigate the maternity care system.


Provide emotional support to help you and your partner process and release your fears and anxieties around childbirth.


Help you and your partner build confidence so that you can feel prepared and excited for your birth experience.


Provide information and resources on advanced comfort measures to help you achieve optimal maternal and fetal positioning, significantly reduce sensations of pain and eliminate the fear-tension-pain cycle, and find comfortable, natural ways to make early and active labor easier (just to name a few).


Give your partner practical tips and tools to confidently support you for the remainder of your pregnancy as well as during birth. You will be gifted a rebozo and you and your partner will learn lots of great rebozo techniques for pregnancy and labor.

Schedule a free virtual consultation and learn more about how our virtual doula support can help you have a better birth!

Virtual Doula Support Package: $975

Reduce your hospital admission time by helping you labor at home longer, comfortably and help you and your partner decide when it might be time to head to the hospital.

Remain available continuously throughout your birth via text, phone, and video conferencing, or remain available on an as-needed basis, whatever you prefer.


Provide real-time emotional and physical support and guidance to you and your partner through labor and birth. Reinforce trust in the birthing process and help you navigate decision making while in the hospital.


Hold space as you birth your baby with confidence and trust.


Provide a virtual postpartum visit to check in, answer questions, assist with breastfeeding/bottle feeding, and listen as you process your birth story.

Check out what past clients are saying about our virtual doula support!

FC, April 2020

My husband and I reviewed all the text suggestions and prompts you sent him while we were at the birth center and I just wanted to say from my end that everything felt very organic and seamless, despite not having you there in person!

CB, April 2020

We could not have felt more supported by you throughout the pregnancy and birth. It was also reassuring to know that we could call you or ask your advice when needed. That piece of mind was even more important to us during all the changes of covid.

JC, January 2020

Having Shalin as a resource and sounding board was invaluable. In the week prior to delivery we kept in touch via phone and text, which allowed my husband and I to manage labor together but still have this amazing resource to guide us and give us pep talks when we needed them most. 

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