Upcoming Series Dates:

The class dates listed below indicate the start and end of each series. Weekly online Zoom classes in-between will be scheduled as a group at the first class. Those enrolling in a fast track series must have some weekday evenings available for Zoom classes.

Sept/Oct Series- SOLD OUT!


First class Sunday, September 13

Last class Sunday, October 18

Nov/Dec Series- in progress


First class Sunday, November 15

Last class Sunday, December 20

Jan/Feb 2021- 5 spots left

(COMPLETELY ONLINE- Fast Track 4-week class)

First class Saturday, January 9 

Last class Saturday, February 6

Feb/March 2021- 6 spots left


First class Sunday, February 7

Last class Sunday, March 14


One space in each class is offered as a partial scholarship with priority given to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals. 

Scholarship families receive 75% off any group class package.

Not finding a date that works for you? Check out the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Classes offered  by my partner, and doula, Jennifer Anderson at  Birth Fusion!

The Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class is a 6-class “hybrid” curriculum for today's busy families, delivering current evidence based information in a friendly and approachable way. By taking the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class, you and your partner will not only learn the evidence for your birth options in an online class, but you’ll also get to meet in-person with an experienced instructor and other parents who are going through pregnancy and birth just like you! This class is limited to only six (6) couples per session.

Who should take this class? 
​Anyone who wants the confidence, education, and tools to have an empowered birth and receive mentorship by your own Evidence Based Birth®  Instructor, Shalin Butterworth.

Your in-person + online class includes:
Skillful Mentorship from Shalin Butterworth, a certified birth and postpartum doula, certified lactation educator counselor, and Evidence Based Birth® Instructor.

2 in-person classes to learn about the stages of labor and hormonal physiology, discuss our perceptions about birth, and a labor rehearsal to pull it all together (approx 2.5 hours each). *currently all classes are being held online during the COVID pandemic to keep you and your family safe.
5 weeks of online videos for you and your partner to watch together.
4 weekly Zoom sessions with Shalin and your classmates to discuss local hospital and alternative birth setting statistics, evidence on various topics, advocacy, comfort techniques, and more!
BONUS: Breastfeeding and newborn care videos & discussion
• BONUS: Earn prizes at the end of the class!

See what recent attendees are
saying about our classes:
For those of you who are thinking about

You'll Learn All About:

Partner Advocacy • Evidence Based Care • Overcoming Fears and Anxieties • Comfort Measures • Stages of Labor • Navigating the Healthcare System • Providers (Models of Care) • Support • Doulas • Communicating with Hospital Staff • Know your Rights • Interventions • Natural and Medical Pain Relief • Labor Rehearsal • Postpartum Discussion • Newborn Procedures • Baby Care • Breastfeeding

Standard Package - $275

  • Complete 6-week series

  • Spiral-bound workbook

  • 3 months exclusive access to Evidence Based Birth® Parent Dashboard

  • Free BONUS online advocacy course from Birth Monopoly ($34 value). The 3 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Hospital Birth is a clear, concise, online course for parents on patient’s rights around hospital policy and informed consent. A perfect extra to put all you learn about advocacy in the EBB Childbirth Class into practice for your own birth.

Premium Package - $300


  • Complete 6-week series

  • Spiral-bound workbook

  • 6 months exclusive access to Evidence Based Birth® Parent Dashboard

  • Free BONUS “3 things” online advocacy course from Birth Monopoly ($34 value)

  • Free online postpartum course with Better Postpartum (a $97 Value). Add to your postpartum knowledge base with this additional 8 week course focusing on the delicate weeks after you give birth. Find out how Better Postpartum meets ACOG Guidelines for Optimizing Postpartum Care.

Deluxe Package - $325

  • Complete 6-week series

  • Spiral-bound workbook

  • 6 months exclusive access to Evidence Based Birth® Parent Dashboard

  • Free BONUS “3 things” online advocacy course from Birth Monopoly ($34 value)

  • Free BONUS online postpartum course from Better Postpartum ($97 Value)

  • Free Bronze plan at  [M]otherboard where you will be able to access more reliable resources and build a beautiful, interactive visual birth plan ($50 Value).

Private Childbirth Class- $450 

The ultimate choice in flexible, personalized childbirth education! 

Get the Standard Package + First and last classes scheduled on a date that works best for you AND held in the comfort of your own home or through Zoom, 4 in-between Zoom sessions scheduled at your convenience, and private one-on-one guidance and mentorship from Shalin!

Check out the amazing resources with whom I've partnered to make your childbirth class experience as well rounded as you want it to be. Click on the videos below to learn more about Better Postpartum, and [M]otherboard!

Read the full article from Cristen Pascucci of Birth Monopoly - “You're Not Allowed to Not Allow Me”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can’t I just educate myself online using search engines and videos?
A: Would you rather have generic information that may or may not apply to your local area or information from a professional who has lived and worked in multiple birth settings in Sacramento and Yolo counties? Plus, a lot of that information you find online isn't accurate. Anyone can write a blog post or record a youtube video. The benefit of the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class is that we curate evidence-based information and get you and your partner engaged in the learning process.

Q: Shouldn’t I just let the doctors and nurses tell me what to do?
A: Routine practices in some hospitals are still about 15 to 20 years behind the research, even here in Sacramento and Yolo counties. There is a lot of pressure to conform to traditions that might not be in your best interests. We will teach you and your partner how to be your own advocate—a skill you can use in and out of the medical care system for the rest of your life!

Q: My friends told me that taking a childbirth class is a waste of time.
A: There are a lot of poor-quality classes out there that have given childbirth education a bad reputation. Shalin is a personable, engaging, and invested instructor. The founder of Evidence Based Birth®, Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN, knows how to make classes exciting for adults. The end result is a class that is motivating and fun to participate in. 

Q: What will I actually learn in this class that could be of use to me?
A: We cover pain management techniques like massage, water immersion, upright birthing positions, acupressure, music therapy, and deep breathing, just to name a few. Both parents will learn how to be advocates through positive communication techniques. The stages of labor, newborn procedures, and the first 3 months of your baby's life will all be covered. Replace fear with excitement as your birthing day approaches!

Check out this sample video to get an idea of the types of skills you can learn in my Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class. I have a feeling you and your partner will love these pre-recorded videos you can watch on your own time!
Want to hear the experience of other families who have taken our classes?

EBB 60 – Get to Know the New Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class!

EBB 61 – Using Knowledge to Navigate Birth with New Parents Annamarie and Drew

EBB 62 – Facing an unplanned Cesarean with parent Michelle Wilson

EBB 63 – Unexpectedly Easy Birth with New Parents Nichole and Todd

EBB 64 – Building trust during birth with parent Caley O’Brien

EBB 69 – Facing a difficult birth with knowledge and empowerment

EBB 72 – Confidence to Face Changing Birth Plans with Heather Hyden and Jimmy Earley

EBB 76 – Pushing Through Anxiety in Birth with Parent Emily Fleenor

EBB 85 – The power of a well-planned birth – of twins!

EBB 97 – Childbirth Prep and Realistic Expectations with Parent Bethany Clay

EBB 102 – Advocacy When Birth Gets Tricky with Parent Bess English

EBB 110 – Inside an Unplanned, Unassisted Home Birth with Parent Sabrina Tran

EBB 112 – How Evidence Based Birth® Changed Me as a Nurse with Jessica Hazboun

EBB 114 – Fighting for Birth Needs as a Single Parent with Jenny Russell

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