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I believe that the way we experience our birth matters. 

Our birth stories become a part of us and will be carried within us and passed down to future generations.

It is time we put birth back into the hands of birthing people and their families.

Let me be your ally as you reclaim your power in birth. 

I will help you navigate the unknowns of pregnancy and birth, and guide you in harnessing your innate wisdom and potential to achieve a healthy birth that leaves you feeling happy and confident. 


As your birth guide, I provide unconditional physical and emotional support for you and your birth team through pregnancy, labor and birth, and early postpartum. I share reliable, evidence based resources to help you explore options and make informed choices. During your birth I remain present and steadfast, reinforcing trust in the process which allows you to peacefully and thoughtfully welcome your new baby.


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Check out this video made by one of my past doula families!

Kind Words

snippets from client reviews

Shalin put us at ease right from the start, from the first conversation we instantly connected. She had us thinking about questions we would be asked well beforehand, and we always felt she had our best interests in mind.

Both my wife and I can look back now and agree that having Shalin as our doula was one of the best decisions we made about the entire birth experience.

She was a relaxed and calm presence at our birth and made sure to help us document everything by photo (which we never would have done if she was not there). I especially appreciated that she handled follow-ups and references for me so professionally and promptly. I feel like she was a good resource both before and after birth.

My husband has told many friends, "This is the best money we have spent on ourselves and our little girl, thus far. Shalin gave us context and perspective. She helped me be a better coach and support to my wife." All-in-all, you won't be disappointed. Promise.
- Alex

Shalin is the ideal combination of professionalism mixed with true compassion. As a first time mom, I was grateful that she always met my nervous energy with calm, and constantly directed me back to two important sources: evidence based research and my own intuition. Throughout pregnancy and birth Shalin was responsive, communicative, knowledgeable, and the ultimate support. Having her as a doula was invaluable, and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a calm and supported birth.

- Melissa

I was most appreciative of Shalin during the labor. She was there to assure us that everything was normal, help to keep my wife comfortable, and communicate our wishes and birth plan with the hospital staff so that I could focus on my wife and not miss anything

Shalin is my favorite! This is our 2nd birth having Shalin as our doula and we feel so blessed to have had her there for both. After hiring Shalin for the birth of our 3rd child, and then finding out we were pregnant with our 4th baby, Shalin attending our birth was one of the first thoughts I had. I knew I wanted her there again, especially upon deciding we were going to do a home birth. She was a main source of my comfort and confidence going into birth.

We interviewed many Doula's and Shalin was by far the best option for us. She is professional, yet personal. Gentle, yet strong. Wise, yet always willing to learn. As much as the physical work of labor would be on me, my husband was very much an equal partner in the brith of our baby. Shalin was the only Doula interviewed to ask my husband how the pregnancy was going for him and what he expected of the birthing process. This equal balance of my husband and I was kept through her whole time with us.

My birth was both memorable and beautiful all thanks to Shalin. While my birth took many turns, Shalin helped me to navigate the waters by assisting me in making informed decisions. She served as an advocate for me in the birth room to ensure I had the birth experience I wanted. I can't thank her enough for helping me bring my beautiful baby boy into this world. She will forever be part of his birth story!

- Reyanna

Share So Zen doula services with a family in need

We all know how valuable doula support is. Unfortunately not every birthing family can afford to hire a private doula to support their journey. While I volunteer with a local

non-profit, Welcome Home Midwifery Services, and offer discounted services when I am able to, I also work to put food on the table for my own family.

I have set up a doula fund for those who would like to help another family gain valuable doula support. Your contribution will be used to help offer discounted services to families who may not otherwise be able to utilize my support. 


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